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Why Male Organ Shrink In The Cold Weather

Why Male Organ Shrink In The Cold Weather


Why Male Organ Shrink In The Cold Weather

Why Male Organ Shrink In The Cold Weather

Male Organ Shrink In The Cold Weather


People are becoming increasingly aware of their sexuality and conditions that affect their sexual health. However,

one thing a number of men pay a lot of attention to is the size of their genitals, which some men have claimed

appears larger during the hot weather, and smaller during the cold weather.

When the cold weather approaches, it’s possible for some men to feel like their genitals are retreating or shrinking. A

man can experience the surprise of his genital reducing to up to 50% in length and up to 30% in girth when exposed

to colder temperatures.

Why Male Organ Shrink In The Cold Weather

First of all, the cold weather is good for men’s libido, testicles, sperm health, hygiene, and fertility. However, when

the temperature drops, the human body has its own way of conserving heat by maintaining blood flow around vital

organs located in the center of the body.

The body redistributes blood to the torso (that is, the body excluding the head and limbs), protecting and

maintaining the warmth of the vital organs there. At the same time, your body reduces the flow of blood to the skin,

toes, fingers, and for men, the male genital. Reducing the flow of blood means less heat can pass through, and so less

heat is lost to the environment.

In addition to the size of the male genital changing, getting erections may also be challenging, as the cold

desensitizes the male genital which becomes less responsive to stimulation. The weather may even cause men to take

longer to get an orgasm.

Cold temperatures can also cause the testicles to retract up toward the body, so they can stay warm. For your

testicles to produce sperm, they must be kept at just the right temperature. As a result, the scrotum will change the

size to make sure the testicles stay at that right temperature. So, when you are cold, your body sends a message to the

scrotum to shrivel and preserve heat.

Fortunately, shrinkage doesn’t last long. Once you enter a warmer temperature, your body will heat back up, your

blood will flow freely again, and your genital will return to its normal size.

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