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What You Should Know Before Going To Labor

What You Should Know Before Going To Labor


What You Should Know Before Going To Labor

What You Should Know Before Going To Labor

Things You Should Know Before Going To Labor

Once you get pregnant, doctors, families, and friends will start giving you tips on how to maintain a good pregnancy. And among those tips, the doctor’s one is the best. This is because a doctor will diagnose you before he or she recommended any drugs for you. And one of the most important pregnancy aspects that you shouldn’t overlook is Labor.

1. You can do it.

What You Should Know Before Going To Labor

One important thing that you need to know about labor is determination. You will feel pain, but it is just a matter of time. And always remember that women who are doing this successfully are human beings like you.

2. You might feel like you want to defecate while doctors are telling you to push.

You are free to defecate during labor, don’t afraid of doctors and nurses. The reason for this is that, same muscles are responsible for both pushing and defecating.

3. Be prepared.

Yes, you need moderate preparation. You need to buy diapers, unisex baby clothes, socks, body lotion, baby wash, bathing tub, caps, and so on. And make sure your partner is with you before your delivery time.

4. You will give birth twice.

You are not done with laboring after you have delivered a baby, you still have to deliver a placenta. This placenta is what your baby used to get nutrients and oxygen from you while he or she was still in the womb. And it’s always delivered after a few minutes of giving birth and mind you, it doesn’t hurt.

5. There will be many people in the labor room.

You don’t have to be shy in this situation, follow what the doctor and nurses are telling you, and you will be fine.

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