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What To Know About Guava Leaves Before Consumption

What To Know About Guava Leaves Before Consumption


What To Know About Guava Leaves Before Consumption

What To Know About Guava Leaves Before Consumption

Guava Leaves Consumption

Many of us know about the benefits of guava fruit but we might not be aware of the fact that even its leaves have

several medicinal properties and thus offers many health benefits. Fresh guava leaves contain antioxidants,

antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties, and helpful tannins, which are very effective in treating different

health problems.

What To Know About Guava Leaves Before Consumption

In this article, you will see some amazing health benefits of guava leaves you need to know before consumption.

Lowering Blood Sugar

The polyphenols in guava leaf have been shown to regulate the absorption of carbohydrates from food. This effect is

especially beneficial to some people with diabetes. Drinking guava leaf tea after meals can help suppress blood sugar

spikes, and has not shown to interact negatively with medications people with diabetes may be taking.

Helps in Sperm Production

Guava leaves are highly recommended for men battling fertility problems. Consumption of guava leaf tea or

supplementation with guava leaves has a potential effect in increasing the sperm count in males and thus improves

man fertility and helps in conception.

What To Know About Guava Leaves Before Consumption

They can help improve your eyesight

High levels of vitamin A mean guava leaves can help improve your eyesight. They can help decrease the presence of

cataracts and macular degeneration, as well as improving the overall health of the eyes.

Relieve Painful Symptoms of Menstruation

Many women experience dysmenorrhea — painful symptoms of menstruation, such as stomach cramps. However,

there is some evidence that guava leaf extract may reduce the pain intensity of menstrual cramps. A study in 197

women who experienced painful symptoms found that taking 6 mg of guava leaf extract daily resulted in reduced

pain intensity. It appeared to be even more powerful than some painkillers. Guava leaf extract is also thought to help

relieve uterine cramps.

What To Know About Guava Leaves Before Consumption

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Reduce the risk of developing Cancer

 Vitamin C, lycopene, and other types of polyphenols act as antioxidants that help in neutralizing infections in the

body that prevent the growth of cancerous cells. Guava fruit has been shown to prevent prostate cancer and also

prevent the growth of breast cancer cells.

Guava helps women during pregnancy

Guavas benefit pregnant women such that it contains folic acid and vitamin B-9 which is recommended to be given

for women since it helps in developing the baby’s nervous system and protects the baby from neurological disorders.

 Prevents Diarrhea

Drinking any extract of guava leaves helps to treat diarrhea by loosening the bowels, reducing the frequency of

stooling, and reducing the severity of diarrhea. The compounds in the guava leaf extracts prevent the growth of

Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which causes diarrhea. The best method is to consume it on an empty stomach.

It Cleanses the liver

The liver plays an important role in the detoxification process of the body. Guava leaves have a hepatoprotective

activity that can cure liver injury induced by paracetamol consumption. It also has a strong effect to protect the liver

from some enzymes that can damage liver cells.

Helps to treat Sore Throat

The anti-inflammatory abilities of guava leaves, particularly when brewed into a tea, can soothe inflammation or

irritation in the throat.

Guava Leaves Help in Digestion

Guava leaves help in the digestion system. The antibacterial properties successfully kill bacteria in the gut and stop

proliferating the toxic enzymes that make us sick. The leaves of the Guava are primarily used in cases of food

poisoning, nausea, and vomiting. It is also used to soothe the stomach.

What To Know About Guava Leaves Before Consumption

Heart Diseases

Guava leaves reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes because of their high anti-inflammatory, high fiber, and

antioxidant properties.

Stomach Ulcer

Guava leaf contains Methanol extract that’s composed of volatile oil, flavonoid, and saponin which works against

stomach ulcers and also promotes healing effect in the stomach.

How to Use Guava Leaves

Fresh and tender leaves of guava can be chewed; they can also be used to make smoothies. Another way guava leaves

are taken is by making tea with them; the tender leaves are boiled, allowed to cool. Then you strain it and drink it.

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