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What Lack Of Sex Does To Your Body And Vigina

What Lack Of Sex Does To Your Body And Vigina


What Lack Of Sex Does To Your Body And Vigina

What Lack Of Sex Does To Your Body And Vigina

Your Body And Vigina

It is very common for men and women, many times, to put intercourse aside for a number of reasons. Whether it is

because the relationship has fallen into a routine or even because the woman or man is coming out of a divorce.

These are very typical situations and cause some people to have no desire or stimulus to practice intimacy. However,

it shouldn’t be this way, because perhaps what few people know is that having intimacy can bring countless benefits

in everyday life.

The first and most noticeable change in the case of those who haven’t had intercourse for a long time is the change in


What Lack Of Sex Does To Your Body And Vigina

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The person who has not had intimacy for a long time becomes irritable and nervous. Many times, they do not even

realize that this change in mood is due to the fact that they are not having intercourse. Because when we have

intercourse we discharge many substances that are of no use to the body, some of them even cause stress.

In the case of women, when they do not have intimacy for a long time, the muscles of the vagina do not get any

exercise. In the future, when she goes to perform penetration, she will feel pain or discomfort, since the musculature

is stiffened. It’s like the body: if you don’t exercise for a long time and you start again after a long period, you will feel


When a man goes a long time without having intimacy, he will probably ejaculate faster. This happens because of the

anxiety of living this moment after so long without intimacy;

Being without intimacy for a long time can also make a person feel embarrassed about the situation. So, they don’t

know what to do, they don’t express themselves in a spontaneous way, they become limited and shy. It is as if he/she

is starting their intimate life all over again;

Men who have not had intimacy for a long time also run the risk of not having erections when they begin having

intimacy again. In this case, anxiety takes over and is one of the factors responsible for causing this situation. It is as

if he loses a little bit of the way of having intimacy, and the erection is directly linked to confidence;

People who go too long without intimacy can also have their productivity at work impaired. They are left thinking

about various reasons, such as ‘why I don’t have intercourse

why I don’t let go’, etc. This will often compromise

his/her self-esteem and will make him/her feel neither attentive nor focused enough;

What Lack Of Sex Does To Your Body And Vigina

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Those who have not had intimacy for a long time and are in a stable relationship, such as when they are married,

sometimes also have their family life compromised. For example, this person may isolate him/herself from the other


So, when they get home, they go to the TV or computer and hardly ever talk to their partner. They also isolate

themselves from friends because they have nothing to tell and nothing to talk about their sexual exploits.

Now the valuable tip is to forget this story of reaching orgasm together. This idea of reaching climax together is

something utopian, because it depends a lot on the mood of both.

Choosing to wait for the other person’s time can end up harming your own pleasure. So, each one has to enjoy the

orgasm in their own time and, in the best way possible.

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