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Ways To Prevent Crooked Teeth In Babies

Ways To Prevent Crooked Teeth In Babies


Ways To Prevent Crooked Teeth In Babies

Ways To Prevent Crooked Teeth In Babies

Prevent Crooked Teeth In Babies

Most newborns get their first primary or milk teeth between the ages of six and twelve months, and as a new mother,

you’re likely to inspect the alignment of the baby’s first teeth the instant you see them. Some babies may have

crooked teeth, which will progressively straighten themselves. However, in certain circumstances, the baby’s teeth

remain misaligned and erupt unnaturally.

1 Long-term thumb sucking and pacifier use

 Babies frequently use a pacifier or their thumb to exercise their sucking reflex to self-soothe. However, babies must

stop using pacifiers at the age of two because prolonged sucking exerts pressure on the teeth, which causes them to

grow crooked.

Ways To Prevent Crooked Teeth In Babies

2 Dental problems

 Babies with gum diseases, such as Epstein pearls, may have a greater chance of having misaligned teeth.

3 Genetic factors

 The shape of the jaw is also influenced by genes, and a newborn with a smaller jaw may have less space for teeth,

resulting in misalignment.

4 Early childhood injuries and jaw trauma can harm the gums and the teeth beneath them. It has the potential to

cause misaligned primary and permanent teeth.

Here are ways to prevent crooked teeth in your babies

1 Stop thumb sucking and pacifier use by the age of two

The majority of babies give off the habit sooner, but some may persist. However, after a baby turns 12 months old,

it’s best to stop giving him or her a pacifier and discourage thumb-sucking with instructions or distractions, such as

providing toys to soothe the toddler down.

2 Avoid letting your child sleep with a bottle

It can cause formula or breast milk to pool in the mouth, causing germs to attack the teeth and gums, which

increases the chance of crooked teeth.

3 Have a regular dental check-up

Periodic dental examinations for your infant are vital for early diagnosis of dental irregularities such as Epstein

pearls or jaw problems. Early orthodontic treatment can help you avoid a variety of problems, including misaligned


Crooked teeth can only be straightened by a dentist. As a result, seek the advice of a pediatric dentist or orthodontist,

particularly one who specializes in the correction of malocclusion if you notice crooked teeth in your baby.

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