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Ways To Increase Your Butt And Wider Hips Naturally

Ways To Increase Your Butt And Wider Hips Naturally


Ways To Increase Your Butt And Wider Hips Naturally

Ways To Increase Your Butt And Wider Hips Naturally

Increase Your Butt And Wider Hips Naturally

A bigger butt is what most women crave.

1. add weight to your workout.

If you want to build muscle, you need to load up on the weights at the gym, says celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser. “Glute

isolations are fantastic, but they’re not going to give you a bigger butt—you definitely need to grab some weights,”

she said. So, forget those bodyweight-only workouts.

Specifically, she suggests a weighted curtsy lunge as a great way to target all glute muscles. “Grab 8 to 15-lb

dumbbells in each hand and really increase range of motion so that you’re bending your knees as far down as

possible and straightening your legs as much as you can,” Kaiser recommends.

Ways To Increase Your Butt And Wider Hips Naturally

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2. Embrace fatty foods.

By now we all know that fat doesn’t make you fat. Instead, the right kinds of fat actually deliver a host of health

benefits and can help you sculpt a lean and lifted derrière, nutritionist lee holmes explains: “Healthy sources of fat

are essential for us to improve our weight, lower our disease risk and most importantly, get that butt nice and perky.”

She suggests olive oil, nuts, nut butter, and eggs. Eat up!

3. Adjust your posture.

Kardashian trainer Gunnar Peterson, who’s also worked with Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, and Dakota Johnson, btw) is the

authority on butt-enhancing exercises, and he says that simply shifting your posture while squatting can make the

movement way more effective. “Posture is important! If you pitch too far forward you will feel your erector spine

(muscles of the lower back) more than your glutes. Foot position is something to pay attention to as well: Foot width,

as well as minor adjustments in the direction your toes are pointing, will all contribute to getting the most glute bang

for your buck,” he told us.

4. Focus on muscle engagement during your workout.

Guilty of speeding through your squats to get it over with? Same. But, according to personal trainer and Instagram

sensation anna victoria while that can help you burn more calories, it’s not going to get you a curvier booty.

“My biggest tip to women wanting to build a bigger, perkier butt is slow it down and focus on muscle engagement

rather than speed. Doing as many squats as possible isn’t going to build your booty if you aren’t taking the time to

pause, squeeze, and engage your glutes,” she says.

Without focusing on engagement, you’re likely relying on leg muscles to do the work, while your glutes are inactive.

Instead, Victoria suggests “slowing it down and really focus on relying on your glute muscles to bring you through

the movement, pushing up through your heels and then squeezing for a full second at the peak of the movement.”

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