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Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark

Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark


Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark

Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark

Get Rid Of Stretch Mark

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Stretch Mark is a skin condition that happens when the skin is overstretched and shrinks. The abrupt change causes

the collagen and elastin which supports our skin to rupture. As the skin heals, a stretch mark which often looks like a

light narrow band will appear on the skin.

The severity of the mark depends on several factors such as;


Degree of stress on the skin

The level of the hormone cortisol, etc

Most times, when the skin stretches, it causes the connective tissue such as collagen and fibers to break and leave

marks on the skin which feels like slight ridges when touched with the hands.

When an individual adds weight or experiences significant growth over a short period of time, stretch marks will

appear on the skin.

The hormone called Cortisone that is being produced by the adrenal gland causes the mark to appear on the skin if it

becomes excess.

Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark


Pregnant Women

Those who gain weight rapidly

Using Corticosteroid creams, lotions, pills, etc

Being sick of Gland disorders, etc.


Having a family history of stretch Mark

Pregnancy of multiple babies

Over weight

Drastic weight loss or gain



Stretch Mark fades away with time though slowly, however, there are treatments that can reduce its effect. This


1) Tretinoin Creams. They are used to restore the collagen in new stretch marks.

2) Pulse Dye Laser Therapy

This encourages the growth of collagen and elastin but may cause skin discoloration.

3) Fractional Photothermor Lysis.

This treatment targets smaller parts of the skin and causes less damage.

4) Microdermabrasion

This method involves polishing the skin with tiny crystals that will help to renew the skin.

5) Excimer Laser

This method stimulates the melanin production in other to match the stretch Mark color with that of the

surrounding skin.

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