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The Real Causes Of Bumps On The Cheek/Face

The Real Causes Of Bumps On The Cheek/Face


The Real Causes Of Bumps On The Cheek/Face

Causes Of Bumps On The Cheek/Face

The Real Causes Of Bumps On The Cheek/Face

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The Real Causes Of Bumps On The Cheek/Face

Have you ever seen a cute guy from afar? only for him to get closer and you realize he has a rough face, so full of dark spots and

Many do not know the reason they had bumps on their faces, they just discovered after shaving, the following day the faces become rough and they begin to wonder why it is so, then so many opinions from different people will start trooping in

This post will give you a broad knowledge about why those stubborn bumps kept coming back, the Cure/Remedy to stubborn bumps, and tips on how to maintain a smooth, clean, and ravishing face. 


1, Ingrown Hair

ingrown hair is unwanted hair that grows internally instead of externally, while it kept growing, it causes bumps that you sometimes notice not drying up or when you press them, nothing comes out from ingrown Hairs are noticeable from the outside but if you do not have a clear idea of how to remove it, it will only cause pain because ingrown hair causes pain and pain causes constant headache or migraine

2, Shaving 

How a clipper is being handled is important as some people feels they can shave but will just turn the clipper upside down, shaving the cheek and jaw carelessly and wrongly, these part of the body is a smooth and soft part and does not require harsh treatment, some people do not even need to use clipper because of the texture of their skin but they do not know this thereby causes damages on their skin.

3, Continuous Shaving

We have people that don’t like to feel any traces of hair on their cheeks and like to shave every three(3) days or shave 2-3 times a week, thereby causing the skin to react and from bumps on the face.

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