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The Important Facts About Menstruation You Need To Know

The Important Facts About Menstruation You Need To Know


The Important Facts About Menstruation You Need To Know

The Important Facts About Menstruation You Need To Know

Facts About Menstruation You Need To Know

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Menstruation is a normal and healthy part of most women’s lives.  Every month, most women menstruate for two to

seven days. Yet, as normal as it is, menstruation is stigmatized around the world. A lack of knowledge about

menstruation leads to negative misconceptions and discrimination, and it can cause girls to miss out on normal

childhood experiences and activities.

1. On average a woman menstruates for about 7 years during their lifetime.

The Important Facts About Menstruation You Need To Know

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2. The first period can be welcomed with joy, fear, or concern. This marks an important transition into womanhood

for every girl, a time when they would benefit from the support of family and friends.

3. Your period can have an impact on how you sound and look. Women’s voices can change slightly during their

menstrual cycle, according to vocalization researchers, due to their reproductive hormones affecting the vocal cords.

This means that women can sound different and even less attractive while on their period, according to the

participants in their testing.

4. During your period, you lose a lot less blood than you think: When you’re having a particularly heavy flow day, it

can feel as if you are losing a lot of blood. Although it may appear to be much more at times, the total amount of

blood lost during a single period is typically around 60 milliliters. That’s about a shot glass and a half full. It takes

about four hours for a regular tampon or pad to become fully soaked at that rate of bleeding.

5. The average starting age for periods has changed over the years. Did you know that the average age at which a girl

begins having periods has changed over the centuries? Girls didn’t get their periods until they were well into their

teens in the 1800s, the average age was around 17. The average age to begin menstruating is now 12, a full five years


6. When a girl is born, she carries her entire potential egg supply with her. She produces approximately seven million

egg cells in the womb. She was born with two million. By puberty, there are only about 400,00 left, and only about

500 are actually released.

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