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The Fastest Tips Gain Weight

The Fastest Tips Gain Weight


The Fastest Tips Gain Weight

The Fastest Tips Gain Weight

Tips Gain Weight

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Weight gain has been something many people struggle with, to the extent that most give up on it. Today I’ll show you

the easiest ways you could gain weight and I guarantee that it’ll work 100%.

1. Find foods that are high in calories these include Rice, Yam, Indomie, Quaker oats, Avocado Pears, Banana,

Groundnuts, Bread, Semovita/Akpu/Eba, and so on.

2. Know the number of calories you’re required to eat in a day. How do you do that, let me show you?

“calorie calculator” and click “mayo clinic”

The Fastest Tips Gain Weight

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“switch metrics” and input the details

Then choose the one suitable for you. After this, you should be able to see your required daily



Always know the number of calories in each food, either by browsing or manual calculation. Note: before you

calculate the calories in your food, make sure you use a measuring cup for your accurate measurements.

4. I can’t emphasize how much you need to exercise. This is in other to increase muscle mass. Without exercising you

can not see gains at all. Truth be told

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