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Symptoms/Characteristics Of Liver Problem

Symptoms/Characteristics Of Liver Problem


Symptoms/Characteristics Of Liver Problem

Symptoms/Characteristics Of Liver Problem

Characteristics Of Liver Problem

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Symptoms/Characteristics Of Liver Problem

The liver is an absolutely vital organ and is one that we are unable to survive without.

The liver cleans and detoxifies the body continuously, and prevents the dangerous build-up of contaminants that

would eventually cause death.

It is commonly caused by years of alcohol or drug abuse, there are also liver diseases that are hereditary,

and it can come through infections such as hepatitis.

If you suspect you may have liver damage, these signs and symptoms may help you come to a conclusion.

Symptoms/Characteristics Of Liver Problem


The liver disease will often cause an accumulation of fluids that will become apparent in the abdominal area, which

maybe severe enough to actually make someone appear to be infected.


This is an extremely common and well-recognized symptom of liver disease. Both the skin and the whites of the eyes

will appear somewhat yellow, which is caused by the accumulation of a substance.

The bloodstream is due to the inability of the diseased liver to filter it out and eliminate it.


Increased sensitivity to pain may develop as a result of liver damage. It is most likely that pain and sensitivity will

develop in the right side of the abdomen and maybe in the vicinity of the lower portion of the rib cage.


Urination is one of the primary ways the waste that’s filtered from the bloodstream by the liver is eliminated

from the body, changes in the appearance of the urine are quite common.

The urine may become darker in color.


Dry, flaky skin may come and go under normal circumstances, but if it seems persistent and does not resolve, it

could be a sign of liver damage.

Lack of proper fluid levels due to failure of liver function can cause the skin to dry out and develop areas that are

irritated, itchy, and flaky.

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