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Steps To Fertility Boosting That Aids Conception

Steps To Fertility Boosting That Aids Conception


Steps To Fertility Boosting That Aids Conception

Steps To Fertility Boosting That Aids Conception

Fertility Boosting That Aids Conception

To every woman out there who is waiting on God to carry her own baby, there are some little things you need to take note of to help yourself. These things are so important and you have to know about them.

It is not by praying to God alone to give you your own children, you also have to help yourself.

Today, we are going to look at some fertility boosting steps you can take to aid conception.

Steps To Fertility Boosting That Aids Conception

1. Anxiety kills good things,  try to minimize your anxiousness, it will only take you to misbehave.

2. Make sure you’re very sensitive about your cycle, flow, ovulation, and fertile days/window.

3. Eat well. While trying for children, what we ingest goes a long way to speed things up. Take more fruits, vegetables, run from alcohol completely and minimize or stop sugar intake.

Steps To Fertility Boosting That Aids Conception

4. Eat more yams, this also includes potatoes. They help a lot.

5. Eat more cassava and I mean the leaves. You can use them to make vegetable soup. This will go a long way.

6. Take your folic acid regularly

7. Maca root powder should be your everyday tea. You can get it in any online store or big supermarket close to you.

8. Try to exercise your body even if it is just a stroll.

9. Make sure you are always happy, happiness brings something great to someone’s life.

10. Involve your partner in everything you think he must know.

11. If you notice any subtle change in your body, stop taking any remedy, drugs, or herbs until you’re sure that it is not pregnancy. Early pregnancy is a precarious stage.

Finally, get one big Prekese (Uyayak, Aidan, Uhio). Wash and cut into pieces. Place in a pot and cook with 2 liters of water. When it is booked, bring it down and low to cool.

You can leave it on the pot or sieve it into a container.

Both you and your spouse should take a glass cup on an empty stomach.

Stop as soon as you’re ovulating! Your partner can keep taking it.

Take this for a period of 6 weeks (Excluding your ovulation and fertile days).

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