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Remedies For Blocked Nose In Babies

Remedies For Blocked Nose In Babies


Remedies For Blocked Nose In Babies

Remedies For Blocked Nose In Babies

Blocked Nose In Babies

Most simple illnesses, such as blocked noses are too much for babies to handle on their own. They can also feel

irritable and unpleasant if their nose is obstructed. In most cases, a case of a blocked nose keeps both mother and

child awake during the night.

Most parents worry when their child has a blocked nose but some may not because they believe it is only a cold.

However, you should be aware that the level of discomfort experienced by babies is far greater than that experienced

by adults and you should do what you can to clear the congestion.

Here are home remedies for dealing with a congested nose in babies

1 You can produce nasal drops at home for your infant. Add salt to warm water and stir thoroughly with a spoon.

Once the solution has cooled, place a few drops in your baby’s nostrils.

Remedies For Blocked Nose In Babies

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2 Elevating your baby’s head with a pillow allows mucus to flow out, allowing the nasal canal to open up.

3 One of the most common causes of a clogged nose is dried-up mucus. Clean the insides of your baby’s nostrils with

a cotton swab dampened in warm water. To avoid injuring your child, go slowly and carefully.

4 Place your infant on your knees and softly touch her back. This causes the mucus in her chest to rise to the surface,

allowing her to cough it out easily.

5 You can apply compression by soaking a piece of cloth in warm water and placing it on the nose after squeezing

away from the excess water.

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