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Natural Drinks That Improves Vaginal Health

Natural Drinks That Improves Vaginal Health


Natural Drinks That Improves Vaginal Health

Natural Drinks That Improves Vaginal Health

Drinks That Improves Vaginal Health

The presence of food in the body plays a vital role in keeping the body’s organs healthy. This is because they contain

beneficial nutrients which help to keep the body in optimum condition. Women who are experiencing abnormalities

in their intimate organs are advised to visit a doctor to know the actual cause. However, it’s important to note that

the vagina has the ability to clean itself through the release of discharges, so, experiencing discharges as a woman

doesn’t exactly mean that you have infections. But be that as it may, in this article, I will be showing you some

natural drinks you should prepare at home and drink for improved vaginal health.

1. Green smoothies

This is the type of drink that is prepared by blending green leafy vegetables like kale, collard greens, spinach,

broccoli, etc. Information obtained from Healthline shows that consuming green vegetables may help to cleanse the

blood and improve circulation because of their rich nutrient contents like dietary nitrates. Which helps to prevent

vaginal dryness and increase stimulation, thus making it very good for women.

2. Cranberry juice

The presence of antioxidants and acidic compounds in cranberries has been proven to be effective in combating

infections that increase bacteria activities in the bladder walls. Research from various sources shows that women

who consume cranberries have a reduced risk of suffering urinary tract infections. The juice is extracted by blending

cranberries with water.

3. Carrot smoothie

This is a very popular vegetable in Nigeria. Carrots are widely sold in markets all around the country. Carrots are

notable for their rich flavonoid content, particularly luteolin, which may help to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

Women are advised to consume carrots regularly or, better still, blend it into a smoothie because it’s good for their

lady part.

Natural Drinks That Improves Vaginal Health

4. Banana smoothie

This sweet yellow lengthy fruit is no doubt one of the best fruits for the vagina, and one of the ways by which it can be

consumed is by blending it into a natural drink. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, which assists to

reduce the effects of high-sodium foods. Foods that are high in sodium may reduce the flow of blood to the private

organ, thus making it difficult to achieve orgasm during intimacy.

5. Water

The hydrating nature of water is necessary for lubrication and the release of secretions in the vagina. Women are

advised to increase their intake of water because it functions to maintain the proper PH balance of vaginal tissues.

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6. Garlic tea

Incorporating garlic in your diet tends to benefit your body in numerous ways as a woman. According to research,

the antimicrobial properties in garlic may help to combat yeast infections. Garlic tea is prepared by boiling fresh

garlic cloves in water.

7. Black tea

Black tea is rich in flavonoids, and consuming it regularly may help to reduce the risks of ovarian cancer in women.

The tea is prepared by pouring hot water into a cup containing the dried tea leaves.

Natural Drinks That Improves Vaginal Health

8. Citrus juices

Citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, lemons, and others are notable for their high vitamin C and flavonoid content

which is good for your intimate areas. The juices are extracted by peeling, cutting, and squeezing the fruits.

9. Soy milk

There has been a lot of controversy about soy products and fertility. But information obtained from Healthline shows

that the phytoestrogen compounds in soy are healthful for female health because it tends to mimic the estrogen in

the body, which is no doubt very beneficial for vaginal health. Soy milk is a natural drink that is made from soy.

10. Avocado smoothie

Avocados are said to be good for female organs because of their rich vitamin B6, potassium, and monounsaturated

fatty acid content, which helps to improve lubrication, estrogen levels, and libido in women. Avocado can be made

into a natural drink by blending the flesh with water.

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