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Medicine To Boost Your Ovulation

Medicine To Boost Your Ovulation


Medicine To Boost Your Ovulation

Medicine To Boost Your Ovulation

Boost Your Ovulation

Ovulation disorder simply means you usually ovulate frequently or you do not ovulate at all which is also known as

fertility in women that could lead to not being able to have children.


1. 40 leaves of fertility plant (newbouldia laevis) it is important that you get the fresh one.

2. 20 pieces of Xylopia aethiopica (Erunje= Yoruba Uda= Igbo English= negro pepper) ask these from those herbs

vendors in your vicinity.

3. 40 leaves of Alstonia boneei ( Ahun) 40 or more depending on how much of the herb u need.

4. 5 litres of water and you may add or reduce this quantity of water depending on the number of ingredients

you provide for this concoction.

2 bottles of honey as this is a very important part of the ingredients.


Cook everything together and all to boil for 10 minutes or more than allow to stand for 24 hours

Sieve and add the honey.

DOSAGE 1 shot 3 times daily.

Note: please stop taking when you miss your period, Side effects are slightly laxative.

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