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Medical Benefits Of Drinking Scent Leaf Juice

Medical Benefits Of Drinking Scent Leaf Juice


Medical Benefits Of Scent Leaf Juice

Medical Benefits Of  Scent Leaf Juice

Benefits Of Scent Leaf Juice

Scent leaf is widely used among Nigeria’s tribes. It’s called “Efirin” in Yoruba, “Ahuju” or “Nchanwu” in Igbo,

“Ganyen Kamsh” or “Doddo Ya” in Hausa, Edo’s “Aramogbo,” Ibibio’s “Ntonng,” and “Ekeni” in some sections of

Ijaw. It’s mostly used to make ‘Ofe Akwu,’ pepper soups, porridge yams, Jollof beans, jollof rice, and ‘Ukwa,’ among

other dishes. More specifically, it is used by the Benin people to prepare soups such as ‘Ogbono’ and Egusi.

Scent leaf is a vegetable seasoning that provides every dish with a distinct flavor and scent. Antibacterial, and

antifungal, are present in the plants. Sometimes Scent leaf is used to cure and prevent illnesses and infections. It also contains

crucial bioactive components such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin A.

Medical Benefits Of Eating or Drinking Scent Leaf Water.

Medical Benefits Of Scent Leaf Juice

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1. The scent leaf is well-known not only for its aroma but also for its health benefits. Calcium, phosphorus, iron,

potassium, and vitamin A are all abundant in it. The leaf’s water is believed to have antiseptic, antifungal, and

antibacterial effects, which is why it’s regarded as the ‘fever’ leaf.

2. Have you ever wondered why, when cold strikes, most people take pepper soup and eat a scented leaf?

It’s because it helps to prevent colds and catarrh.

It is also used to treat cholera and dysentery in the stomach.

It is beneficial for skincare and treats skin diseases like ringworm when crushed into a paste. When you have

menstrual cramps, make it into a tea to relieve the discomfort.

3. Scent leaves have a variety of health benefits, according to research. Scent leaf is a nutrient-dense plant that is also

a well-known fertility booster. It is high in vitamin A, which aids in the maintenance of good vision. It contains

calcium and magnesium, which help to lower bad cholesterol and promote blood circulation, so improving heart


4. Scent leaf promotes food digestion, has a relaxing effect on the stomach, and improves bowel evacuation. It can

reduce blood sugar levels.

(Note: We must keep in mind that herbal remedies might be just as potent as prescription drugs before using them.

It has the potential to interact with certain drugs in some circumstances. As a result, it should be taken with

extreme caution).

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