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Major Causes Of Blood Cancer

Major Causes Of Blood Cancer


Major Causes Of Blood Cancer

Major Causes Of Blood Cancer

Causes Of Blood Cancer

There are certain things you need to avoid taking much because they increase the risk of having blood cancer. Some

of the risk factors include exposure to high levels of radiation, exposure to chemicals such as benzene, obesity,

genetics, etc.

Types of blood cancer.

Leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma are some of the most common types of blood cancer.

Signs and symptoms of blood cancer.

1. Tiredness.

2. Bleeding gums.

3. Abdominal pain, bone pain, and back pain.

4. Fever and infections.

5. Headaches.

6. Weight loss.

7. Nausea.

8. Coughing or chest pain.

9. Night sweats.

10. Swollen lymph nodes.

If you want to live long, you have to avoid the excessive intake of these 3 things.

1. Smoking cigarettes.

Smoking tobacco products can increase the risk of blood cancer, esophagus, colon, throat, larynx, etc. Many people

that are smoking tobacco products don’t know that it can result in blood cancer.

2. Red meat and processed meat.

Excess intake of red meat can increase the nitrites to be transformed into the form of chemicals which might lead to

blood cancer. Processed meat is a major risk factor for colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, and breast cancer. Some of

the meats you need to avoid include beef, jerky, corned beef, hot dogs, sausage, salami, pork, and ham.

3. Excess intake of alcohol.

According to research, excess intake of alcohol can lead to blood, esophagus, colon, neck, and breast cancer. For you

to live long, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain a balanced diet.

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