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How To Send Scorpions Away From Entering Your Home

How To Send Scorpions Away From Entering Your Home


How To Send Scorpions Away From Entering Your Home

How To Send Scorpions Away From Entering Your Home

Send Scorpions Away From Entering Your Home

Scorpions are one of the most dangerous creatures on earth. Scorpions are not insects as people see them, but

belong to the same group with spiders called ” Arachnids”, they have eight legs and two body regions. Scorpions can

be found in all parts of the world except the North Pole and Antarctica, they can live in the desert, rain forest,

grassland, people’s homes, and places that are convenient for them.

All scorpions have venom and some are considered life-threatening to humans. In our homes, they live in crack

walls, holes, under the carpets, shoes, under bricks, and any available space that is convenient for them. Scorpions

are very secretive in nature, that is why it is hardly seen by people, a man may live with scorpions for years without

seeing any.

How To Send Scorpions Away From Entering Your Home

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The secretive nature of scorpions has made the little creature more harmful to men, they can crawl into our beds,

shoes, clothes, or any hidden place in our homes, unknowingly you may come close to these places, and they may

strike in defense. These are the more reasons you should prevent scorpions from coming into your home. To keep

scorpions away from your home, you only need a few tips.

1. Block all holes and cracks: Scorpions naturally love living in holes and cracks in most homes. These places are

good hidden points for scorpions. Block all holes and cracks in your home no matter how small it is.

2. Maintain a clean environment: A clean environment will always scare away crawling creatures. While cleaning

your surrounding, you will be able to uncover the hiding points of scorpions.

3. Scorpions are predators that feed on insects, get rid of insects from your homes with a good insecticide.

4. Check Cabinet and other dark spots in your house regularly.

5. Try to eliminate standing water, it attracts scorpions and insects.

6. Keel your shoes and clothes in an enclosed cabinet, sometimes clothes and shoes are good hiding places for


7. Keep debris, woods, rags, and stones distance away from your house.

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