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Foods That Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Foods That Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant


Foods That Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Foods That Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Chances Of Getting Pregnant

To increase the chances of becoming pregnant, it is first important to ensure that the weight of the future pregnant woman is adequate, as obesity or below normal weight can impair the production of hormones that guarantee fertility and healthy pregnancy.

Another important factor is to guarantee the intake of nutrients necessary for the egg ripening cycle, such as vitamin B6 and B12, found in beans and lentils, for example.

It is also recommended to supplement iron and folic acid, to increase blood flow in Organs sexual organs, guarantee the quality of oxygen transport to the baby during pregnancy and assist in the initial development, avoiding malformations and spontaneous abortion.

In addition, in men, healthy and balanced food, rich in selenium present in tuna, for example, is related to the formation of healthy sperm and the production of testosterone, which is the main hormone of male fertility.

Including some of these foods in daily consumption, can help the couple to complete the nutrients necessary for maintaining fertility, increasing the chances of becoming pregnant, such as:

Foods That Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

1. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, gossip, and pineapple are rich in vitamin C, calcium, and potassium, which help to stabilize the menstrual cycle, facilitating the identification of the fertile period, which is the most suitable time to have sex. In addition, orange has polyamine and folate that help to disable free radicals that can damage sperm and eggs.

2. Aged cheese

Aged cheeses like parmesan and provolone, maintain good health for eggs and sperm because they are rich in polyamines, preventing free radicals from causing damage to reproductive cells.

3. Beans and lentils

These foods are rich in fiber, iron, zinc, and folate, which help in the production and balance of sex hormones.

In addition to containing polyamine spermidine, which are regulators of healthy sperm development, facilitating egg fertilization.

4. Salmon and tuna

Salmon and tuna are a great source of selenium that is a nutrient involved in the proper formation of the sperm tail, which is primarily responsible for the good performance of the speed to reach the egg.

In addition to having omega-3, it is essential for the baby’s good brain development in the first weeks of pregnancy.

5. Red fruits

Red fruits like tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, and blackberries have lycopene, an antioxidant that reduces the levels of free radicals that can damage sperm and eggs.

6. Green leaves

Dark vegetables like kale, spinach, Roman lettuce, and arugula are rich in iron and folate, which can improve the ovulation process and reduce the chances of genetic problems and miscarriage.

They still have iron, an important mineral for the transport of oxygen in the body and essential for the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus.

7. Sunflower seed

The roasted sunflower seed is rich in vitamin E, which can help with sperm motility, that is, help with speed.

In addition to being rich in zinc, folate, selenium, omega 3 and 6, essential nutrients for female and male fertility,

as they increase blood flow in Organs reproductive organs.

Foods That Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

What to avoid to get pregnant faster

Some habits can interfere in the process of starting and taking a pregnancy to the end, which is why they are discouraged, such as:

  • Consume fried foods, margarine, and processed products: these foods may contain trans fats, which are associated with infertility because they cause defects in the sperm structure and egg quality
  • High consumption of refined carbohydrates: foods like pasta, bread, and white rice when absorbed into the body, increase the level of insulin in the blood, which is chemically similar to ovarian hormones.
  • So the body can reduce the production of these hormones, as it understands that it already has them, and this results in immature eggs ;
  • Consume caffeine: caffeine reduces the absorption of calcium and iron in the body, which can impair fertility, Besides that, for being a stimulant with the ability to cross the placental barrier, already in pregnancy, caffeine can alter the baby’s heartbeat and metabolism, increasing the chances of birth with low weight and spontaneous abortion;
  • Alcoholic beverages: alcohol consumption reduces the level of testosterone in men, decreasing sperm production, and in women, it can interrupt the menstrual cycle, which prevents the egg from being available for fertilization ;
  • Make use of medications without medical advice: self-medication can interfere with fertility by deregulating hormones necessary for the maturation of the egg and sperm.

If the couple in the period of one year has not been able to become pregnant, it is indicated that a doctor is seen who will check through blood, urine, and semen samples.

If there is an STI or hormonal disorder, which are making conception difficult.

After these tests, if necessary, the couple will be referred to a fertility specialist, who may order an ultrasound, for example, to observe the ovaries and testicles.

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