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Foods That Heals Stomach Ulcer Fast

Foods That Heals Stomach Ulcer Fast


Foods That Heals Stomach Ulcer Fast

Foods That Heals Stomach Ulcer Fast

Heal Stomach Ulcer Fast

Foods That Heals Stomach Ulcer Fast

Stomach ulcer is a common illness that affects many people regardless of their age. This illness has to do with open

sores within the lines of the stomach. Doctors use to think that some kind of food can give ulcers however, we now

know that some other things can cause ulcers such as taking too many pain relievers for a long time or infection with

bacteria. Though food cannot cure ulcers, some kinds of food can make the healing of the disease faster.

Stomach ulcers can be painful so they are treated with antibiotics and medications to reduce stomach acid in the

body. In addition to this, research has shown that some kinds of food can help with the healing process of ulcers. I

would advise you to speak to your doctor first before adding these foods to your diet:

1. Honey: Honey is not just a sweetener, it contains up to 200 elements and it is a powerful antibacterial shown to

inhibit H. pylori growth (H. pylori is the make of the bacteria that causes ulcers). As long as you have normal blood

sugar, you can take honey as you want.

2. Sweet potatoes: sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, and there is proof that this vitamin can help shrink ulcers

in the body. If you don’t have sweet potatoes around, you can take other foods rich in this vitamin such as; carrot,

spinach, beef liver, and so on.

Foods That Heals Stomach Ulcer Fast

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3. Red bell pepper: Red bell pepper contains vitamin C which is good for preventing ulcers. Vitamin C plays an

important role in wound healing, it can help heal the open sores in the stomach. People who lack vitamin C are most

vulnerable to ulcers. You can get this vitamin from citrus fruits also.

4. Garlic: Garlic has been shown to inhibit ulcer-causing bacteria from both animals and humans. If you don’t like

the taste or smell of garlic and can’t eat it raw, you can use it as a supplement in your food.

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