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Fastest Way To Cure Malaria 

Fastest Way To Cure Malaria 


Fastest Way To Cure Malaria 

Way To Cure Malaria

Fastest Way To Cure Malaria

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Fastest Way To Cure Malaria 

Malaria today is the highest and fastest-killing sickness. It kills faster and has been recorded as the number one Killing disease.

As fast and Chronic malaria Could be, its cure can be very cheap and affordable.

All that you need is 7up and the African Yellow Wood is otherwise known as (Awopa), but if you can’t get 7up get fermented corn water (Omi Egi or Omi dun). 

Fastest Way To Cure Malaria 

Wash the African wood properly, get a clean container and soak the Ingredient, cover for a day or two, and take in the morning and evening. 

Do this religiously and record your progress.

Take notes of your urine and sweat as malaria will be flushed out through it.

If you didn’t recover within 3 days please consult your Doctor.

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