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Causes Of Night Blindness And Healthy Foods To Prevent It

Causes Of Night Blindness And Healthy Foods To Prevent It


Causes Of Night Blindness And Healthy Foods To Prevent It

Causes Of Night Blindness And Healthy Foods To Prevent It

Night Blindness And Healthy Foods To Prevent It

Night blindness is not a new health issue but how can we treat it or guard against it if we are not

pre-exposed to adequate knowledge about it, it can be caused by cataracts, vitamin A deficiency,


Nyctalopia, popularly called night blindness is an issue of the eye, it impairs your night vision and

results in the victim’s inability to see properly at night or in dim/low/poor light, the experience is

nothing close to blissful and its impact is felt when you move from a bright environment to a dimly

lit or darkroom, the eyes of someone with night blindness will find it hard adjusting to dimly lit


The pupils of our eyes are constantly adjusting based on the intensity and brightness of the light we

are exposed to, but with night blindness this is no longer possible because some damage has

occurred with the rod cells (cells that enable us to see in the dark).

The mechanism of night blindness when closely looked at points to the fact that there are causes,

night blindness won’t just happen to anybody without a cause, three of those causes will be

discussed below and ways to prevent this eye problem will be suggested.

The causes of night blindness include;

1. Cataracts.

This is an eye problem that can lead to the problem at hand, night blindness, cataracts occur when

the lens of the eye becomes clouded as we age, this is to say it happens gradually as we grow.

Considering the cloudiness that accompanies cataracts the amount of light that is let into the eye is

reduced, this, in turn, causes visual issues in dim light (Night blindness).

Causes Of Night Blindness And Healthy Foods To Prevent It

2. Glaucoma (Glaucoma Medication).

A group of eye problems that lead to damage in the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain

thereby increasing the pressure in the eye and impairing peripheral vision is referred to as

glaucoma, this eye issue needs to be treated in time to prevent permanent loss of vision.

Well, treatment of glaucoma includes the use of medication. This medication is said to constrict the

pupil thereby allowing less light to get into the eyes and ultimately making the victim more open to

night blindness.

3. Vitamin A Deficiency.

Deficiency of vitamin A has for long been identified as a cause of night blindness and it still is,

vitamin A has a vital role in transforming nerve impulses into images in the retina, this goes to

show how important vitamin A is to humans, vitamin A also promotes good eyesight especially in

dim light.

This goes to show that a deficiency of vitamin A can lead to night blindness, among other health


Focusing more on foods to eat for the prevention of night blindness, I want to draw your attention

to vitamin A (Retinol), this nutrient is beneficial for the prevention of night blindness and it takes

care of eye health to its capacity.

Vitamin A-rich foods are to be incorporated into our diets and eaten adequately if we want to

prevent night blindness, below are some food that can help prevent nyctalopia.

1. Sweet Potato.

Sweet potato being a rich source of beta-carotene is good for consumption if you want to prevent

night blindness due to vitamin A deficiency as the body can convert beta-carotene to vitamin A.

2. Carrot.

Orange carrot contains beta-carotene just like sweet potato above, the same process of beta-

carotene conversion to vitamin A takes place when we eat carrots, making vitamin A available to

the body for usage, one of the uses is for better eye health and prevention of night blindness.

Causes Of Night Blindness And Healthy Foods To Prevent It

3. Milk.

Milk being rich in vitamin A is a good food substance for the prevention of night blindness, milk

has other important nutrients like calcium, vitamin B, etc., and it is easy to incorporate into your

diet, adding milk to your tea is one way, using milk to bake a cake, adding milk to cereals, etc. will

help you consume an adequate amount of milk.

4. Pumpkin.

This food is abundantly rich in vitamin A not minding the beta-carotene it contains, beta-carotene

is a nutrient that the body converts into vitamin A, the vitamin A content of pumpkin is key as

regards protection against night blindness.

5. Egg.

The egg is a well-known dairy food that has vitamin A among the vitamins in its nutritional profile,

being a good source of vitamin A, the body needs eggs to help prevent night blindness.

It can also lead to permanent loss of vision so it should be prevented.

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