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Advantages Of Cry / What Cry Does To The Body

Advantages Of Cry / What Cry Does To The Body


Advantages Of Cry / What Cry Does To The Body

Advantages Of Cry / What Cry Does To The Body

What Cry Does To The Body

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Crying is a common human activity, and it can be triggered by many different emotions such as sadness, pleasure, or

happiness and can also be a result of yawning or laughing. People who cry are seen as weak, immature, and even self-

indulgent, this makes people often times try to hold back their tears.

Researchers have found that crying can benefit both your body and your mind, and these benefits begin at birth with

a baby’s first cry. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of crying.

It Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can damage the heart and blood vessels and contribute to stroke, heart failure, and even

dementia. Several studies have found that after a good cry session, people experience both lower blood pressure and

a steadier pulse, most likely due to the fact that their stress levels have gone down significantly.

Crying Improve Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that you generally feel much better after you’ve had a good cry? There’s a reason for that.

When we cry we are actually relieving our body of countless toxins and hormones that contribute to elevated stress

levels. This in turn can help individuals to sleep better, strengthen their immune systems, and avoid gaining weight.

Advantages Of Cry / What Cry Does To The Body

It Helps Protect Your Eyes

Every day we expose ourselves to thousands, if not millions, of particles of dust, dirt, and other debris. These

particles are often too small for us to see, however, they can and do make their way into our eyes. This can cause

irritation and potentially harm our eyes and in turn, our vision. When we cry, our eyes are actually cleansing

themselves which can help to remove these irritants and protect our eyes. In addition, tears contain lysozyme, a

powerful anti-bacterial chemical that helps fight infection.

Relieves Pain

Shedding tears help to relieve not just emotional pains but also physical pains. Study shows that crying emotional

tears release oxytocin and endorphins. These elements when released into the body system help to ease emotional

and physical pain, thereby making the body system feel good.

Aids Sleeping

A 2016 medical research indicates that crying can help babies to sleep better. although, it is still yet to be confirmed

if it is applicable to the system of adults. However, it follows in line that the soothing,mood-enhancing, and pain

relief effect that comes from crying can help to make sleeping easy.

Helps Baby Breathe

A baby’s very first cry out of the womb is a very important cry. Babies receive their oxygen inside the womb through

the umbilical cord. Once a baby is delivered, they must start breathing on their own. The first cry is what helps a

baby’s lungs adapt to life in the outside world. Crying also helps babies clear out any extra fluid in the lungs, nose,

and mouth.

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