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A Useful Tip On Healthy Digestion

A Useful Tip On Healthy Digestion


A Useful Tip On Healthy Digestion

Tip On Healthy Digestion

A Useful Tip On Healthy Digestion

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Indigestion is a very unhealthy but common health issue. This health disorder can cause sleepless nights as it can result in heart burns, which can last for long minutes or hours.

But the eating of garden eggs and okro aids digestion, thereby enhancing a healthy life. This post will help you to know the right way to go by it;   all you need is to follow the steps.

Get your okro and garden egg washed.

With the help of a grater, grate your okro

Slice your garden egg into smaller pieces. 

Cook the garden egg and okro together, with the same process of cooking okro

Cook until it is very soft 

Serve with any food of your choice and have a healthy digestion.

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