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6 Signs Of Uncontrollable Blood Sugar In The Body

6 Signs Of Uncontrollable Blood Sugar In The Body


6 Signs Of Uncontrollable Blood Sugar In The Body

6 Signs Of Uncontrollable Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar In The Body

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Diabetes is a potentially life-threatening health condition that has two variants. The most common type of diabetes

affects middle-aged and older people and it is very common and also fairly manageable. Overall, diabetes affects the

quality of a person’s life, but if taken seriously and managed carefully, terrible complications won’t arise.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the signs of uncontrolled blood sugar levels. This is because

some people develop Diabetes and treat it like it’s nothing and some remain in the dark till it gets to a point of no

return. So, if you want to be abreast with the signs that show. your blood sugar has gotten to a very dangerous level,

sit tight and learn something new from this piece.

What Are The Signs?

1. Recurring Infections; when your blood sugar level is high, it leads to a weakened immune system which means

that you will prone to numerous health problems. Below are some of the common infections that will keep coming

your way till you attend to your blood sugar level;

i. Skin infections such as ulcers and dark patches especially in the armpit, the lower legs also referred to as

Acanthosis Nigricans.

ii. Urinary tract infections will keep recurring no matter how many times you treat them.

iii. Yeast infection in women. Yeast feeds on sugar and with a higher than normal blood sugar level, it promotes

yeast growth.

iv. Mouth and gastrointestinal infections

6 Signs Of Uncontrollable Blood Sugar In The Body

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2. Diabetic Ketoacidosis; is a terrible complication that often arises when the body due to the absence of energy

from glucose starts breaking down body fat. When this happens, it can cause several life-threatening symptoms.

Recall that, diabetes arises due to poor production of insulin; which makes sugar lay dormant in the blood without

being pushed into the cells that need it. Below are some of the signs of ketoacidosis;

i. Nausea and vomiting

ii. Abdominal pain

iii. Fruity Breath Odor

iv. Diabetic coma or extreme tiredness that can lead to a total loss of consciousness.

3. Extreme Thirst; is another sign of uncontrolled blood sugar level that should not be ignored. People living

with diabetes often experience polydipsia which can make them have an overwhelming thirst for water and also

extreme dry mouth if they don’t take water as regularly as they want. Sometimes the dryness of the mouth can lead

to difficulty talking or speaking fluently.

6 Signs Of Uncontrollable Blood Sugar In The Body

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4. Frequent Urination; this is another sign of a very high blood sugar level. If you start noticing polyuria i.e.

frequent urination, do well to check your blood sugar level. The reason is that, when the blood sugar level is

uncontrollably high, the kidneys do their best to get rid of the sugar or glucose through urination. Visit the hospital

or take your blood sugar medication if you urinate up to 3 liters of urine in a day.

5. Kidney Problems; when the blood sugar level is not regulated for a long time, it can lead to damage of blood

vessels and nerves which can eventually affect the kidneys. So uncontrolled blood sugar can damage the kidneys.

One way of knowing that your high blood sugar has affected the kidneys is if you start noticing the below signs;

i. Very dark or bloody urine is one sign of kidney issues that could be due to uncontrolled blood sugar.

ii. Pain near the kidneys in the lower back. If you notice that this pain is persistent, do well to see a doctor especially

if you have diabetes already.

6. Tingling Hands And Legs; this is otherwise referred to as pins and needles. It arises due to high blood sugar

level that is not attended to early enough. If your hands start tingling and you start finding it difficult standing or

walking for long due to the tingling pain and numbness, then it is important you take note that your blood sugar level

is uncontrollably high.

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