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5 Ways Every Man Should Prevent Infertility

5 Ways Every Man Should Prevent Infertility


5 Ways Every Man Should Prevent Infertility

5 Ways Every Man Should Prevent Infertility

Every Man Should Prevent Infertility

According to medical research and global statistics, it is discovered that the majority of men from different parts of the world are plagued with the issue of infertility or poor sexual ability.

The reason for this is not farfetched as it can be related to quite a lot of medical and social factors.

Some of these factors can be traced to environmental impact, the consumption of hard drugs and substances, diseases and other related issues.

 1. Smoking and consuming alcoholic substances.

Studies have shown that the consumption of cigarettes and alcoholic substances can be of negative impact on the male reproductive organ.

Apart from having your respiratory organs damaged by these substances, it can also destroy the spermatozoa which are responsible for the production of semen.

5 Ways Every Man Should Prevent Infertility

2. Sexual infections and diseases.

It is however proven by medical science that the contraction of sexually transmitted infections like staphylococcus, gonorrhoea, syphilis, and other related infections can highly destroy the reproductive organs of both genders.

For men, there is a high possibility of having the sperm cell damaged, while for a lady – it can amount to the sterility of the womb and fallopian tube.

3. Hard drugs.

Quite similar to the first point, the consumption of hard drugs and stimulants like heroin, cocaine, nicotine and others can amount to the destruction of the reproductive organs for either gender.

The result for this is that the aforementioned substances contain toxic chemicals that are not only capable of rendering a person impotent, but also causing death.

5 Ways Every Man Should Prevent Infertility

  4. Overheating of the testicles.

Exposing the testicles to excessive heat can also be a major contributor to infertility in men.

Studies also have shown that men sterility can be caused by some heat-related factors which include, wearing airtight pants to bed, radiation or heat from laptops and other electronic gadgets.

These heat-related agencies are high factors that can cause impotency in men.

5. Excessive Sugary Food

Consuming foods that are relatively high in sugar can greatly amount to infertility in men. Medical studies have shown that when a man is 30 years and above, he should greatly reduce his intake of sugary food as it can possibly kill his sexual life and also the ability to reproduce.

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