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4 Things That Prevent Clog Of Arteries

4 Things That Prevent Blockage Of Your Arteries


4 Things That Prevent Clog Of Arteries

4 Things That Prevent Clog Of Arteries

Prevent Clog Of Arteries

The arteries are blood vessels that supply blood or carry blood from the left ventricle of your heart to other parts of

your body. It carries oxygenated blood which is necessary and vital for the functionality of all the organs and tissues

in your body.

The arteries can be blocked or clogged by plaques or fat deposits which will then affect the flow of blood through the

them leading to heart problems such as peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease and stroke.

One major and natural way to prevent clogging or blocking of your blood vessels besides the natural mechanism that

God has designed in your body is by eating healthy foods that have the ability to help prevent build-up or

accumulation of fats within your arteries. I will list three of those foods in this article, but I will love you to note that

certain foods such as red meats, junk and others can actually counter the effect of these foods so it is important for

you to cut down on those foods drastically.

4 Things That Prevent Clog Of Arteries

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1. Onions. Onions contain Sulphur which is believed to help prevent inflammation within your arteries. It also

helps to prevent aggregation of platelets to form plugs within the arteries, and it helps stimulate nitric oxide release

which is a vasodilator that naturally prevents aggregation of platelets.

2. Oat. Oatmeals contains lots of fibre which helps to control the level of cholesterol in your blood. This helps to

prevent the build-up of plaques which can block your arteries from supplying an adequate amount of blood to your

organs and tissues.

3. Beans. Like oats, beans contain a good level of fibre which is believed to help control the level of cholesterol in

your blood thus helping to prevent blockage of your arteries.

4 Things That Prevent Clog Of Arteries

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4. Olive oil. According to scientific research, oil is believed to help lower the accumulation of fats within the

walls of your arteries by a mechanism that is not clear. The bottom line is, instead of the various types of unhealthy

oils in the market, it will be far better to invest a little of your money into getting olive oil to do your cooking with.

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