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4 HIV/AIDs Signs To Take Note

4 HIV/AIDs Signs To Take Note


4 HIV/AIDs Signs To Take Note

4 HIV/AIDs Signs To Take Note

HIV/AIDs Signs

HIV/AIDs is a dreaded disease that affects a person’s immune system.

It can be contracted through various means but the most prominent ways of contracting this deadly disease are through unprotected sex with an infected person and also sharing sharp objects with someone who is infected.

At the early stages of this virus, it doesn’t show any symptoms in some individuals but when it advances, you might start noticing certain signs and symptoms and for your own good, you mustn’t take these signs for granted or ignore them.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the HIV/AIDs Signs that should not be ignored.

1. Rapid Weight Loss; When the virus advances, you will certainly start losing weight because of the changes that will go on in your body.

If after coming in contact with someone, you start losing weight, consider it a call to know your status in the hospital.

4 HIV/AIDs Signs To Take Note

2. Extreme Tiredness Or Fatigue; extreme tiredness is another sign of HIV that should also be taken seriously.

If you shared sharp objects or copulated with someone without protection, you might have to go for a checkup if you start feeling unnecessarily weak and tired.

3. Swollen Lymph Nodes; this is a natural makeup of the body’s antibody.

When it gets swollen, it means the body is battling a disease but if you have by any means had contact with any unhealthy sharp object or had unprotected copulation with someone and you start feeling swollen ball like things in your armpit and neck, it’s a major sign a virus might have gotten into your body.

The best way to ascertain this claim is to get to see a doctor and running an HIV test.

4. Frequent, Heavy Night Sweats; this is another sign of HIV that should not be ignored for any reason.

If you start having constant episodes of night sweats even during cold nights, it’s a call to get checked for this dreaded disease.

This is because constant night sweats are one of the serious signs of HIV or any other viral disease that needs urgent attention.

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