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3 Poisonous Fishes That May Damage Your Health

3 Poisonous Fishes That May Damage Your Health


3 Poisonous Fishes That May Damage Your Health

3 Poisonous Fishes That May Damage Your Health

Fishes That May Damage Your Health

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Some fishes tend to have increased chances of bringing damages to our health. The reason for this is their elevated

concentrations of mercury.

Mercury is a heavy metal that is present among the naturally occurring elements. This element most times is found

in the earth’s crust as inorganic compounds such as mercury salts. They can also be found in the air and soil.

They also do occur as organic compounds of mercury like methylmercury which is formed when inorganic mercury

in the air combines with an organic molecule like carbon. It can also occur when such compounds attach to droplets

of water and enter soil, rivers, or oceans which are natural habitats to most fishes we eat from day today. Some

fishes that are at the top of the food chain in the aquatic habitat are prone to have increased levels of mercury in


Mercury intoxication can possibly occur when one consistently takes in foods that are contaminated such that it’

builds upon the body. The effects of this could include several conditions like kidney failure, reproductive disorders,

lung diseases, heart diseases.

Here are 3 fishes that are high in mercury concentrations that can incur these damages in our bodies.

1. Big Eye Tuna

The species of fish called Big eye Tuna contains significantly high mercury concentrations and can hold an average

mercury load of 0.689 ppm and a high load of 1.816ppm.

3 Poisonous Fishes That May Damage Your Health

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2. King Mackerel

This species is quite different from the ordinary mackerel.

The ordinary is extremely low in mercury, safe for consumption, and provides some health benefits but this

particular species contains about an average of 0.73ppm of mercury and can reach 1.67ppm in extreme conditions

making its consumption risky.

3. Sword Fish

These species are known to be among the highest sources of mercury. They contain an average mercury load

measuring 0.995 ppm and highest loads measuring 3.22 ppm.

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